Field Base - deployed on the ground stationary military camp, intended to control the surrounding area, as well as for the preparation and conduct of tactical operations in a war zone.

To fix the field base at the location around it is primarily established a secure perimeter. As the primary means of protecting the base is equipped with a generator energy field is created around it an impregnable barrier. Energy Shield is able to withstand any damage taken, and to protect communications against electromagnetic attacks.Automatic anti-aircraft artillery systems that are equipped with remote identification of "friend or foe" provide protection from the invasion of the enemy base.

Field base is equipped with satellite programs and a full range of data transmission systems. After installation and connection to the command center of the base begins to operate in standalone mode.

Each field base is connected with a number of mining silicate ore mines, where available resources are ready to be sent. Containers with the ore delivered to the territory of a specialized database by road, and then after a scan of the system of accounting and aircraft transported to processing facilities. All transactions are carried out in automatic mode, but under constant surveillance operators to remotely Corporation.

In the case of an extraordinary situation, or before a planned military operation in the controlled area, the base is delivered to the necessary equipment, ammunition and military equipment with a contingent of military specialists.

During the military operation, field base provides a base for the deployment of troops and provides material and technical and information support of allied forces.

If as a result of an armed clash combat the enemy seizes the initiative and get control of the field base, then from the command center receives a signal to end operations and the evacuation of the remaining combat units.

The territory controlled by the field base, is considered lost, the flow of resources to it ceases.

Strategic Command Corporation reserves the right to preemptive timing and details of the response activities of military nature of the return of the lost territories under its control.